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NEW RELEASE! WoodWired's debut album In the Loop  is now available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, CD Baby, and Amazon!

About the Duo

WoodWired is a new electroacoustic duo based in Dallas, Texas. Hannah Leffler and Cheyenne Cruz have teamed up to create a unique take on the popular clarinet/flute combination. Using live looping software and electronics, they play original pieces and their own arrangements of contemporary and classical music to create upbeat, fresh music that represents a fusion of classical, jazz, and popular genres. 

Electroacoustic Music

10/10/2017: University of Central Missouri

10/12/2017: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

10/13/2017: Iowa State University

10/15-16/2017: University of Northern Iowa

January 2018- Debut CD Release Event- (Details TBA)

3/1-4/2018: Luther College

When WoodWired performs, all of the sounds the audiences hears are created or triggered LIVE. Rather than simply using pre-recorded backing tracks and playing along with their acoustic instruments, WoodWired makes all their midi sounds and effects happen on stage in the moment. Whether triggering effects with a foot pedal, playing a midi keyboard, or beatboxing into a vocal mic, WoodWired's performances are truly unique, electroacoustic experiences.

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