WoodWired's debut album In the Loop  is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, CD Baby, and Amazon!​ 

About the Duo

WoodWired is a new electroacoustic duo based in Dallas, Texas. Hannah Leffler and Cheyenne Cruz have teamed up to create a unique take on the popular clarinet/flute combination. Using live looping software and electronics, they play original pieces and their own arrangements of contemporary and classical music to create upbeat, fresh music that represents a fusion of classical, jazz, and popular genres. 

Electroacoustic Music

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Our Latest Works

WoodWired Duo


Hannah Leffler


Cheyenne Cruz 

Bass ClarinET

Upcoming Performances

CALL FOR SCORES!!WoodWired will be featured at the 2020 SCI Conference. for More information about submissions,



When WoodWired performs, all of the sounds the audiences hears are created or triggered LIVE. Rather than simply using pre-recorded backing tracks and playing along with their acoustic instruments, WoodWired makes all their midi sounds and effects happen on stage in the moment. Whether triggering effects with a foot pedal, playing a midi keyboard, or beatboxing into a vocal mic, WoodWired's performances are truly unique, electroacoustic experiences.


3/26-28/2020: SCI Conference (Featured), Arlington, TX

 3/4/2020: UTA Faculty Recital, Arlington, TX

9/30/2019: SCI Call for Scores Deadline

8/2019: Playing4People Podcast  (Release Date TBA)

07/28/2019: ClarinetFest 2019, Knoxville TN

07/08/2019: Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN
Lutheran Summer Music Academy